Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to 2013!!!

Hi All,

This is the year! I'm getting married soon! I can't believe we are 86 days from the wedding... I still have so much to do it feels like. It'll get done I know but its still a little scary. What's not scary but very exciting is that we are so close to my first shower! I have the best friends/bridesmaids a girl can ask for- they are throwing my two showers. These next few months are going to fly by filled with excitement.

In apartment news, we are trying to get settled in to our new digs. There are still boxes everywhere. It'll be a long process, I'm sure, but hopefully this week we can get a lot knocked out since we don't have any real plans. The cats are starting to get adjusted I think. The first few days were hard on them I think because we've uprooted them a lot in the last two months. But hopefully with consistency at the new apartment, they'll start to feel at home.

Finally, in ringing in 2013 and trying to get ready for the wedding- THE DIET has begun. Throughout the holiday season, we kept saying January starts the new diet and exercise regimen. So its officially here and we are ready to go. Its kind of exciting in the sense that we aren't the only ones trying to get in shape, etc. We have a support network all set up already to not only hold us accountable but also to celebrate in our successes. And many may think its just for the wedding but its really not. I will definitely admit the wedding is huge motivator that's for sure but I've always wanted to slim down again. I've packed on a few pounds recently. Anyways, if I could lose 20 pounds, I would be extremely happy. With our new apartment it will be easy to get exercise in. Not only will our apartment complex soon have 2 gyms on the property but we live in a walk-centric neighborhood so it'll be really easy to just go out and walk around. Being on the 3rd floor will help too because I'll try and take the stairs more often. I have a plan and a support group. So here's to a new me in 2013!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and are as excited as I am for what 2013 may bring!!!

Until next time,


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