Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Married :)

So I know I disappeared. Like really disappeared. I think it said my last post was January 2. I apologize now. But life got crazy busy- planning a wedding and all. The time flew by and before I knew it, the day came and went. And out of all that, I'm a married woman!

They aren't kidding when they tell you to enjoy the day because it went by so fast. Crazy fast. I was so in the moment, I didn't even care that it rained on us. Thankfully it was only 30 minutes and it really opened up in the last two seconds. The day was glorious and fun and I can't wait to see all the pictures. I remember amazing food, awesome dancing, and seeing wonderful friends. But the pictures will tell me the rest.

We went to Vegas for our honeymoon. Which ended up being a blast but started off as an ordeal and a half. And let me tell you, its hard for two very exhausted people to see the silver lining but I did my best to outline it every 5 minutes that first day. And there was champagne so that helped. We didn't win any money- sad face here. But we didn't lose any money either- it was bonus money as we like to call it. I think we are still catching up on our sleep from flying back from Vegas on Friday and completing a 10 hour drive on Saturday. But I'm starting to think its because my head misses those pillows the Vegas bed had and the blackout curtain we used. Those blackout curtains are amazing. I kept thinking it was the middle of the night at times and yet it would be 9:30am and shiny as all get out.

So that's where I've been these past few months. Getting married and all. And now I am anxiously awaiting the birth announcements from two very good friends over the next month or so. One any day now too.

I promise to be better at this whole blogging thing as I figure out how to be a wife and all. Me- a wife. Crazy!

Until next time,

The new Mrs!!!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Welcome to 2013!!!

Hi All,

This is the year! I'm getting married soon! I can't believe we are 86 days from the wedding... I still have so much to do it feels like. It'll get done I know but its still a little scary. What's not scary but very exciting is that we are so close to my first shower! I have the best friends/bridesmaids a girl can ask for- they are throwing my two showers. These next few months are going to fly by filled with excitement.

In apartment news, we are trying to get settled in to our new digs. There are still boxes everywhere. It'll be a long process, I'm sure, but hopefully this week we can get a lot knocked out since we don't have any real plans. The cats are starting to get adjusted I think. The first few days were hard on them I think because we've uprooted them a lot in the last two months. But hopefully with consistency at the new apartment, they'll start to feel at home.

Finally, in ringing in 2013 and trying to get ready for the wedding- THE DIET has begun. Throughout the holiday season, we kept saying January starts the new diet and exercise regimen. So its officially here and we are ready to go. Its kind of exciting in the sense that we aren't the only ones trying to get in shape, etc. We have a support network all set up already to not only hold us accountable but also to celebrate in our successes. And many may think its just for the wedding but its really not. I will definitely admit the wedding is huge motivator that's for sure but I've always wanted to slim down again. I've packed on a few pounds recently. Anyways, if I could lose 20 pounds, I would be extremely happy. With our new apartment it will be easy to get exercise in. Not only will our apartment complex soon have 2 gyms on the property but we live in a walk-centric neighborhood so it'll be really easy to just go out and walk around. Being on the 3rd floor will help too because I'll try and take the stairs more often. I have a plan and a support group. So here's to a new me in 2013!

I hope that everyone had a great Christmas and New Year and are as excited as I am for what 2013 may bring!!!

Until next time,


Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Post Holiday Blues?

Hi All,

It feels like we rush, rush, rush to get ready for Christmas and then in a blink of an eye its over. Am I right?! Oh well, until next year. This year's Christmas was one for the record books I think. It was actually the first one G and I actually spent together (the entire Christmas trip I mean). We also spent 24 hours in the car to spend Christmas with our families. We started off the long weekend heading to Georgia to celebrate with his family. And to do a bit of wedding planning- to be honest, we only did cake tasting and decided on the cake. We had an enjoyable time- would you believe it was G's first time experiencing a 'Dirty Santa'/White Elephant gift exchange?! Me neither. It was a blast. We picked up the remainder of his things (what couldn't originally fit in the car when we moved him up here) and then it felt like the trip was over in a blink of an eye. We then hit the road Christmas Eve to head to Va Beach to celebrate with my family. We started off celebrating with my mom and then stopping by to see her side of the family. On Christmas morning, we headed to my best friend's house to see her and her girls. And then it was off to my grandmother's house where G got to meet my dad's side of the family for the very first time. I warned him ahead of time of how crazy our family can be so I think he was prepared but he's convinced they went easy on him. I told him that's probably true. And then that Christmas celebration was over. I tell you- we spend at least a month getting in to the holiday spirit and then it flies by before you even know it.

So we headed back to Alexandria where we proceeded to pick up our brand new KEYS to our apartment. We will be right near Old Town which I'm very excited about. Our furniture gets delivered tomorrow and then the internet is hooked up on Saturday. Still trying to decide on a cable company. Thinking maybe we don't need it for awhile if I invest in an Apple TV/Roku type device with all of my gift cards? And signing up for Hulu Plus/Netflix... I know we'll need cable once college football comes on but I think we could get away with MLB.tv during baseball season. Not sure- weighing the options. It just seems like the satellite company and the cable company want to rip you off (DirecTV has great prices but the provider of DirecTV in my new complex has significantly higher prices than the normal DirecTV packages- otherwise its a no brainer between DirecTV and Comcast).

Anyways, I know I haven't posted in a while. But its been busy up here in NoVa- getting G settled in to the area, getting ready for Christmas, travelling for 7 days straight- it felt like there was driving on each of those days but it was only 3 out of those 7, picking up our keys, planning a wedding, etc. Hopefully in the new year things will settle down. Don't hold your breath though- its full steam ahead until March 30!

Until next time,


PS- if you have any thoughts or suggestions on the cable/no cable debate- let me hear them...

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

November Recap

Hi All,

How did I let a whole month slip by without posting? I guess because its been one busy month with not one but two trips to Georgia. So as most of you know, G and I have made the big move to (and back- for me) DC - Alexandria to be exact. We are both officially here as the second of my two trips to Georgia were to pack up his car and bring him up. He did the driving, I just simply gave him company on the long ride. I'm so glad we survived the six weeks apart. I knew we would, I know many people who have gone so much longer, but it was definitely tough. Its hard to get through a stressful day without your companion by your side. Them simply being there helps to de-stress yourself. The time apart is over and I look forward to getting settled in DC.

As for what I did during my two trips in Georgia. The first was for Thanksgiving. We had dinner with his family and then we hit the stores for Black Friday shopping. We started at 8:30pm and went all the way until 5:30am the next morning before going home, getting a few hours of shut eye, and going right back at it. But it wasn't all just for shopping either- the whole visit. I took advantage of being in Georgia to do some wedding planning. We met with our officiant- he is awesome, a perfect fit for what we are looking for. We met with a photography company- decided against booking them as they are too pricey for us and even if we went with their cheapest package, they couldn't guarantee our pictures would be ready for six months (ummm- NO THANKS). Last but not least, I picked out flower girl dresses and bridesmaid dresses. Definitely thanking the Junius clan for taking time out of their busy holiday weekend (one filled with the stomach bug even) to meet up and pick out dresses. I definitely went with a dress that didn't fit with what I originally thought I wanted. But its perfect and beautiful and fits the vibe of the ceremony/reception. We also figured out what the guys are going to wear too. I felt wonderful at all the things we got accomplished over the holiday weekend in regards to our wedding. 

After a short, exhausting week at work (lets just say I didn't get back until 12:30am Monday morning which put me behind on sleep), I was on another plane back to Atlanta. This time out of BWI. Which I have never been too. It was a nice airport and even though I was afraid I was going to miss the MARC train (I didnt), it was an easy, if  a little long, commute. On Friday, I had a blast hanging out with Carol while G was at work. I helped her pick out her dress for our wedding (would you believe it was the first one she tried on?!). She then took me to this amazing store filled with jewelry, purses, shoes, etc. that is inexpensive. Its a lot like Charming Charlies. I left with 4 pairs of earrings and a small Xmas present for a friend and it was only $12. I definitely plan on going back. We ran a few more errands, and then it was back to meet G so we could go to two wedding meetings before dinner. We booked a DJ and a photographer. Both are perfect for us. A photographer who doesn't buy into the wedding hoopla and is there to produce pictures for you. In our budget, this is what we need. The DJ was so laid back and fun, I can't wait for him to get our reception going. I'll skip over Saturday as I'm sure everyone is still heartbroken over the final score. However, I had fun watching the game with everyone and everyone loved the pumpkin dip I made (Thanks Steph for the recipe). Sunday was a long drive back.

So after two weekend trips to Georgia and accomplishing a lot of wedding tasks, I'm ready to relax. But oh wait- apparently my wedding dress already came in! I thought they took months?!?! So it looks like I might be on the road again this weekend to Va Beach to pick it up. I guess I'll rest after the wedding?

Until next time,


Monday, November 5, 2012

Well Hello November

Hi All,

November is here to stay for a bit and with it came Winter weather. Maybe I'm a baby or a wimp who got really used to Georgia weather, but its freaking cold up here in NoVa. Oh well, it'll be Spring before we know it. Or thats what I tell myself to get out of bed and brave the cold.

As for my job, I'm getting back in to the swing of things. After two weeks on the 8 hour schedule, I have now shifted back to my 4-10 schedule with Fridays off. Yay! That means I have a 4 day weekend coming up- I'd say perfect time to get my old schedule back. There isn't much work going on and I'm still gaining access to the systems but I'm still enjoying being back.

This past weekend was amazing. It was Danielle's birthday- so to celebrate, us girls (Steph, Danielle and I) got a hotel in the city for Friday night. After checking in, we met up with a bunch of people for appetizers and drinks at La Tasca (one of my particular favorites). We got to hang out with Patrick, Laura, Chris, Katie, Catherine and Danielle's boyfriend as well as other friends of Danielle's. Afterwards, we said our goodbyes to a portion of the group and headed to Zaytinya for more drinks and dinner (still tapas style). Being the old ladies that we are, Steph and I crashed after dinner while Danielle managed to stay out for a little while longer. Saturday entailed heading out to Gainesville to hang out at Steph's house watching college football and eating football food as I like to call it. Except I'd like to mention how we failed on pumpkin dip (we never made it). On Sunday morning, we all woke up (except Danielle who chose spinning over IHOP- I know, crazy right) and headed to IHOP (obviously) to meet up with Patrick and Laura. It was a great weekend to spend with old friends who I now get to see anytime I want. Yay!

On another note, I might get to see my best friend this weekend!!!! I'm trying to convince her to come up (90% there) and she says the only way is if I help with Kenzie and Callie. Challenge accepted since those are two of my favorite girls on the planet. I'm going to keep my fingers and toes crossed that this trip happens!!!

And now only 25 days remain of me in DC and G in GA. I'm so glad we aren't going all the way until Xmas.

Until next time,


Monday, October 29, 2012

Sandy is on her way...

Hi All,

So as Hurricane Sandy comes her way to DC and the federal government is closed, I have time to reflect on how my life has finally quieted down a bit. After two very busy weekends wedding planning/dress shopping and attending a wedding, I thoroughly enjoyed this past weekend of a whole lot of nothing. I wish I could say I was able to catch up on sleep but the cats and I are still getting adjusted to our new surroundings. I hope the cats are doing ok but I just feel like the adjustment is hard for them. Penny is crying a lot but her food is fresh, water is changed and litter clean. I think she's going around looking for G...

So I've been here for a week and I feel like I'm getting back in to the swing of things. I met the girls for happy hour at one of our familiar joints and we made plans for a girls weekend to celebrate Danielle's birthday. It only took 5 days to get my computer at work so I pretty much got paid to read books and magazines after the day and a half of training ended Tuesday.

I feel bad that I'm not back in Alpharetta helping G finish up packing our apartment. I only left a few things that needed to be taken care of but the big one was cleaning and being there for the movers and everything. Its a lot to ask him to take time off work to be there and manage it on his own. Unfortunately with the time constraints we had, thats how we had to do it. I'm grateful to have such a wonderful fiance who seems to be managing very well and still having some time for fun.

Well the cats and I are hunkering down. Sandy is on her way and its supposed to get worse as the day progresses. I just hope we don't lose power. I wouldn't mind another day off from work. Yes I know its only my 2nd week but I love having free days off. Gives me time to do some wedding planning from afar.

Until next time,


PS- Maybe I'll have a better blog post next time?! Just a quick update on the move.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Next Big Adventure

Hi All,

So one would think planning a wedding in six months is hard enough on its own. Yes, yes it is. But add on to that a job change and a move, and you have My Next Big Adventure. As I wind down my last week here in the Third Party Administrator company world, I anxiously await a return to my old job with Census. I left Census in 2010 to remain in GA permanently with G which I've never looked back on because our relationship grew and became stronger (obviously). I knew I didn't want a long distance relationship at the time so I made the leap and stayed down here.

After much thought and deliberation a few months ago, G and I decided to take a chance and explore our job options in DC. Side note, this was way before the engagement. After sending a few emails, it became very apparent that we were getting signs that this was the right opportunity for us. Not 24 laters from my first email did I find out that there was an opening in my old office. And two months later, that position is mine.

I am so blessed that I have been given this opportunity again. Not only am I simply being reinstated (no starting over here) but they are paying relocation expenses as well. I will be back in DC in less than 2 weeks in my old office.

G has decided to remain down here for the first bit as his department asked him to remain there until the end of the year. We'll see if he stays that long, but it's the best decision for us. Considering we have a wedding to pay for and debt we want to pay off, both us having good paying jobs seems like a win-win. And it gives him a lot more time to find a job up there too. Even though I don't like the idea of being away from him, I know its only 2 months and temporary.

We've kept this pretty hush hush during the discussion of it, the possibility of it, and even when it came to fruition simply because we hadn't told our jobs yet and more importantly, I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up on my side. Also, it was out of respect for his family and friends too who were the one's being affected the most. G has grown up in GA for most of his life and this is his comfort zone and this is where his family is. But now its all a reality (for me at least). G is still working on an official end date with his superiors.

So if you see me and I look tired, stressed or overwhelmed, now you know why. Planning a wedding and a big move all in a few weeks is one Major Adventure. Add on top of that, being away every weekend so I'm losing out on prime planning and packing time, yeah I'm probably crazy. But it will all be worth it in the end. You only have one life right?!

Until next time,


PS/Disclaimer ~ If you are stopping by from facebook and are friends with both me and G, please only post responses on my facebook page. He is friend's with some coworkers and not everyone in his office knows of his departure since they are still working out the details. Thanks everyone!!